Peggy Baker, Educational Consultant

Teaching vs. Counseling

There is a fine line between a counselor and a teacher. The counselor enables discovery and the teacher disseminates information. The ideal educational

Peggy Baker, CEP
Peggy Baker, CEP

consultant has the ability to make a seamless transition from one to another. Peggy Baker has the credentials and experience in both professions. By teaching SAT* and ACT** prep courses and tutoring students in the Lehigh Valley for over 20 years, she brings a breadth of experience to her post-secondary and college admissions counseling. Peggy Baker meets with admissions officers, tours campuses, and explores campus environments. This personal insight provides a student with a much deeper understanding of a college than a catalog or website can convey.

Peggy Baker has contributed to various news articles, most recently to the US News & World Report, Best Colleges, December 7, 2018: What a Liberal Arts College Is and What You Should Know.

Going to graduate school? Peggy Baker can help you with the GRE.***

As of 2019, the Independents Educational Consultants  Association (IECA) has designated me as a specialist in M.D. and M.D/Ph.D advising.

. . . According to an IECA survey, students using educational consultants are more likely to stay at a college until they graduate.

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Learn to write a composition that is clear, forceful, and engaging. Peggy Baker offers and 8 week writing course that is available privately or semi-privately. Call for details.

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