Description of Services

College Advising Services

Limited Service:

An initial consultation with parents and student will determine educational goals and criteria to be used in selecting post secondary schools or colleges. After reviewing the student’s transcripts, SAT* scores, and extracurricular activities, a tentative list of schools is compiled. Guidance with financial aid, both need-based and merit, is given.

Comprehensive Program:

This service includes the limited services described above. During subsequent meetings, the student may discuss whatever questions he or she may have concerning post secondary education. Suggestions for interviews will be made, essay topics will be discussed and reviewed and applications will be checked. The student also has the option of taking the Holland SDS, an assessment to aid educational and career planning. If desired, assistance with the student’s decision about which institution to attend is offered. There is no limit on the amount of time spend with the student using this service. The fee from the limited service is applicable to the comprehensive program.

The above services may also be utilized for consultation for secondary school placement.

  • If you are interested in medical school advising, please contact me.  I will email you the  available services.