Fees for Private and Semi-Private Group Sessions

How to Evaluate an SAT or ACT Course

How long is the course? The more comprehensive the course, the better prepared you will be to excel on the test.  Enroll in a course that offers at least 24 hours of instruction.

Are you paying for testing or instruction? Many large companies skimp on the teaching of fundamentals and spend precious learning time administering practice tests.

What are the instructor’s qualifications? Get recommendations from students who have taken the course.  See if the instructor has classroom experience.  Veteran teachers know the material, can sense the correct pace of learning for the student and are adept at different teaching and learning styles.  Large companies have frequent turnover among instructors.

What are the benefits of personal instruction vs. online courses?  Online courses are ok for reviewing material already learned; however, passive instruction is never as good as active instruction for gaining a strong grasp of the material.  This proficiency can be called on reliably under the stress of the examination.  With the right instructor, a ‘live’ class may actually be enjoyable.  A skilled teacher can motivate the student to reach a maximum understanding of the subject matter.

Fee Schedule

one 12 two-hour sessions once or twice weekly $1,440+

*book fee

two 12 two-hour sessions once or twice weekly $1,050
+*book fee
three or four 12 two-hour sessions once or twice weekly $850
+ *book fee
If the student opts for just the math or verbal portion, the fee is half of the full cost.
Please call to discuss times and dates.

*order books onlinehttp://mytutor.com/shop

Order SAT &PSAT Student Package for both or appropriate book if taking one subject. Use discount code peggy10

In most cases a student will need 24 hours of instruction to adequately prepare for the verbal and math portions.  Peggy Baker offers two hour sessions over the course of twelve weeks.  Students perform better when they space their study sessions over longer periods rather than shorter periods. The final session should be taken within a week of the SAT or ACT test.