Admissions Counseling:

SAT & ACT Preparation:

In addition to SAT and ACT prep,  I offer a 10% discount for college advising for those who avail themselves of both services.

I am not able to offer partial college advising services; in other words, I cannot offer advice on a few colleges or help with editing essays only.  Like most of my colleagues, I have found that students to whom I have given partial assistance, such as editing essays, were not applying to appropriate colleges in terms of academics, campus culture, and cost.shapeimage_3

Ideally a student would have a list of colleges in categories arranged by Reach, Likely and Safety no later than early spring of junior year.  Visiting colleges in the summer is not advisable because few campuses have students then, and one can’t get as sense of the campus culture.

During the college application process, I am available to answer any questions, whether they take an hour office visit or a three- minute phone call.